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A: This describes step-by-step how to do a firmware update on a wired Linksys router. I recommend printing this off and using it as a checklist.

This includes some extra steps not in the Linksys instructions that will save you time, grief, and possibly your router.

These steps have been tested out on a BEFSR41. There will be some variations for other versions of wired router. (Readers can message me directly and I'll make note variations with other WIRED Linksys routers.)

1. Print-screen or write down all of your current router settings (from in your web browser go through all the tabs and buttons). While on the Status panel, note your current firmware version. (Id you have not changed your password from default and can't access, please see this FAQ: »Linksys FAQ »What's the default username and password?)

2. Note which wires are connecting where on the router. It is a good idea to label the wires and where they go. Step 7 involves unplugging some.

3. Download the firmware update for your router from »www.linksys.com/download/

4. Unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice c:/fixes/linksys for example. The unzipped files include a .doc or .pdf instruction file, which will tell you how to proceed. It is missing some of the steps that we recommend.

(I suggest keeping old download .zip files going back 2 versions, just in case there are problems with the new download.)

5. Open the ver.txt file. This file shows the changes made with each new version of the firmware. If there are no changes that may affect your system since the firmware version you currently have, we recommend not updating your firmware.

6. Write down or screen-print all your router settings because they may disappear.

7. Disconnect the router from the internet and from any computer other than the one doing the update.

(Activity from any source other than the computer doing the update can make the update fail and require that the router be reset.)

8. If you have a software firewall (Zone Alarm, NIS, Kerio, etc.) running on the computer doing the update, disable it or shut it down.

9. Click on Tftp. This is the FTP tool that will load the new firmware to your router.

Click on and navigate the file folder to the folder you unzipped to above.

You will need to give Tftp your current router password (or if this is your second attempt, possibly the default router password, usually admin,or see the release notes from the download file, or your router manual).

10. If you have problems doing the firmware update, press and hold the reset button until the red light goes on and off (5+ seconds), cycle the router power off and on, then repeat the update from the Tfpt step. (If your router isnt a BEFSR series, check your manual for how to do a reset.)

11. After the firmware update, your router administration password may be what it was before, or it may be changed back to the default (usually admin,or see the release notes from the download file, or your manual).

12. In your web browser, return to On the Status tab check that the Firmware version has changed. If it didnt, go back to the Tftp step and ensure that it is pointed to the correct folder and firmware...

13. In, check that your router settings are as they were before. Restore them if they have changed.

14. If applicable, re-start the software firewall on the computer you used to apply the firmware update.

15. Restore the cable from the Internet to the WAN connection. Plug the other computers back into the router. (Note that on many models, the connection next to the Uplink cant be used if the Uplink is being used.)

16. If having problems reconnecting to the Internet, but you can connect to the router:

a. Shutdown your computers and leave them powered off for at least 60 seconds.
b. Unplug the router for at least 60 seconds.
c. It may also be necessary to unplug your cable modem for 1-5 minutes.
d. Consider restoring back to the previous version of firmware using the steps above.
e. With PPPoE, from the Status panel try to connect.

Useful links:
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»Linksys FAQ

Linksys Tech Helper:
»www.linksys.com/tech_helper/intr ··· tro.html

Linksys Support:
»www.linksys.com/support/default. ··· ault.asp

Dont forget that the manual for your route is available from the download area in .pdf format. You may want to right-click and save the manual to your hard drive for future reference.

Corrupted firmware fix link:
»Corrupted firmware Fix.
»Linksys FAQ »I've lost my Internet connection. What should I try?

Partially borrowed from RadioDoc See Profile, especially step 7. Thanks RadioDoc See Profile.

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