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First and foremost - before you make any changes - write down the existing value of any field you are about to change!

Final note: Verizon will not support you if they identify that you have changed these settings!

Making the changes: Enter the "hidden" Services menu by selecting Menu - 0. This will prompt you for the "Service Code". The service code is "000000", the select 9 - WAP Settings. We will need to add WAP Proxy #2 for our new service. Enter 1 - 4 and enter the IP address for the WAP proxy services you wish to use (the recommended one is and port to 9201). To enter the ".", use soft button two to change the entry mode from 123 to Symbols. Press OK when you're finished. Next we need to add the port number mentioned above. Enter 2 (Port Setting) then 4 (Link2-Port1) and enter the port number (9203). Press OK when you are done, then press END to exit back to the main screen.

Start the browser. It will fail! Do not be alarmed! Hold down the "0" key and the browser will launch a menu. Choose 6 (Advanced) - 2 (Homepage) and write down your current homepage. Go back to the Advanced menu and choose 3 (Set WAP Proxy) and switch it to number 2. You may be prompted for a homepage at this point, or you may be sent to the default OpenWave page. Re-enter the Advanced menu and change your homepage. (I recommend www.tagtag.com, but there are others you can pick from).

Restart your browser and you are good to go!

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