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How to set up Tiny Personal Firewall
This was setup using 5.00.1218

Tiny is an advanced firewall with many configuration options and settings. This guide will help you configure DC++ ONLY. It's strongly recommended that you read the manual or other guides on the proper way to set up your firewall.

    •Once you get Tiny installed, start up DC++. Immediately, you will be prompted with a dialog like:

    * Check Use common repository
    Check Add to group; I created a new group called P2P

    •Another dialog box will appear:

    * Check Apply permanently. Select To all communication
    Check Add rule to common configuration

    •Several other dialogs with "Outgoing Connection Alert!" from DC++ will be generated. For now, until the firewall is fully configured, just close DC++ and hit apply only to this connection for any remaining alerts coming from DC++.

    •Open up the Configuration Tool. Go to Network Security -> Protocols and Ports

    •Add a new rule.

    * Enter in whatever name you like
    * Select TCP/UDP for the protocol
    * Select Inbound/Outbound for the direction
    * Both the local and remote port should be a Port Range from 0 to 65535.

    •Go to Network Security -> Network Security Rules

    •In the High Priority Common Rules section, find the one pertaining to DCPlusPlus.exe

    •Click on the line with DCPlusPlus and a drop down box will appear. Select the rule you just created from Protocols and Ports ("Everything" in this example)

    Delete any remaining rules that have been created regarding DCPlusPlus.

    •Click on Save Changes in the top right corner of the Configuration Tool.

    •DC++ should now be set up!

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