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How to set up Agnitum Outpost Firewall

Version 2.5
Version 2.0


Version 2.5.370.4626 (370)

    •Once Agnitum Outpost is installed, start up DC++.  You should see a dialog similar to the one below.  Select Allow all activities for this application and click on OK.

    •You should now be able to search and download in DC++ (assuming the rest of your network and software is set up properly).
    •You will see a dialog box similar to the following when an update to DC++ is applied.  Click on Update information for changed components and then OK.


Version (290)

    •Once Agnitum is installed, open up its main configuration window.  Go to Options -> Application.

    •Select Trusted Applications.  Click on Add.  Navigate to the location where DC++ is installed, typically C:\Program Files\DCPlusPlus, and select DCPlusPlus.exe.

    •Once DC++ has been added, it should appear on the list of applications under Trusted Applications.

    Click on OK
    •That's it! DC++ is now configured!

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