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At times you will need to change your original computer of which the mac address of the nic had been registered by the cable modem during the initial installation. It could be that you bought a new computer or simply want to register a different terminal (computer or router).

One way is to clone the original registered mac. Many broadband routers have this capability. However, you would need to remember or write down the original mac for consecutive switches.

Second is to actually call the cable provider and have them reset the modem and connect your new terminal to register its new mac address with the modem. Some cable companies are willing to do this only for one ore two times. If you switch often, please read on:

In order to register a new mac --should you change your pc or it's nic-- you could turn your modem off for at least 3-4 hours. Over night is even better. This clears the mac cache in the modem. Then first make sure you perform the necessary adjustments on your router --wan ip should be dynamic in my case and make sure you release any existing IPs --and power your router down. Power up your cable modem, wait until all blinking goes away and the cable led is steady. Then turn your router on and wait for configuration. This usually takes about 1minute with my Linksys Broadband router and check the status page. If the dynamic ip, gateway and dns servers are assigned and present, you have registered your new mac address --in this case router's-- with your cable modem. In some rare cases you might want to check the status page and if no ip, gateway or dns is assigned, you can renew your request by clicking on the appropriate buttons on this page.

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  • Show me if I can get access to My.T and the distance needed

    2010-05-01 01:26:29

  • Usage it's/its: "In order to register a new mac --should you change your pc or it's nic-- " should read "In order to register a new mac --should you change your pc or its nic-- ". Spelling: "configure 17 seperate outlets" should be "configure 17 separate outlets"

    2009-10-24 11:47:38

  • I want to register (for the first time). How do I do this ? I have a MacBook laptop and an AT&T modem Westphal modem to make it wireless. Sincerely, Kathy Knight

    2009-09-23 00:23:49

  • a better way is to unplug the coaxal cable from back of modom for a while and it should clear the mac

    2009-08-06 11:31:58 (zed2608 See Profile)

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