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    •Open your browser and type in the address to your router (usually in the address field and login.
    •Go to Advanced and click on Virtual Server.  Depending on the firmware version, you might only be able to enter a name, IP and port.  Other versions allow you to specify which protocol to forward. If your screen does not look like this, try updating your firmware.  Make sure you forward TCP and UDP (or select Both).

    •Enter any port over 1024 into both Private and Public port.
    •Enter your computer's local IP into Private IP. (Win 9x: Start > Run > winipcfg | Win 2k/XP: Start > Run > cmd /k ipconfig /all )
    •Your computer may get different IPs from your router over time. When this happens, active mode will no longer work. To prevent this from happening, set up the router to assign your computer the same IP each time based on your network cards (NIC) MAC address.   Go to Home and then click on DHCP.

    •Enter in your NIC MAC address, which can be found when you got your computers local IP, seen in step #4.  Make sure to have the router assign the same IP address your computer currently it using.
    •In DC++ settings, enter your current external IP (can be found here) and the port you chose to forward.
    •You may have to reboot your router for the changes to take effect. If you can search and download files, you have configured it successfully.


Thanks to Lundis for the screenshots.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • why dont you have a download for set up that can be put on a disc to make life easy-er for set up the more easy to configure the more products you would sell i am thinking of tossing my d-link 604 in the garbage and buying a linsky every body i talk to say they are the best come you guys get with it i hope you reply back to me at mylesb@live.com

    2010-05-25 13:49:52

  • its ok. but how to configure the wan connection?

    2010-05-15 03:17:29

  • I wish you had said what the DI-604's default address is, which is the address it would have after coming out of a Reset. Instead, you start off with, "Open your browser and type in the address to your router (usually in the address field and login." I know the address of MY router; it's the new DI-604 I'd like to know the default address of. Maybe that's the address you listed; I'll soon see. I bought one at Goodwill for $2 (but without power supply - 2 Amps!). Thanks for posting! My criticism is meant to be constructive.

    2009-03-30 15:34:36

  • the link that yall give does not work

    2008-12-31 15:03:54

  • D-Link states that the default login is "Admin" and no password. I was ready to send one back because I could not login. Turns out that this one had a password - "password". Had it not been for the fast and great support from the vendor (not D-Link - they said to send it back since I couldn't login), I would have wasted time and money.

    2007-12-02 20:34:59

  • ok the best ...best regards joyce

    2007-10-23 22:27:43

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