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Open your Internet browser, type into your address bar: » This is the "factory default" address to access your Linksys' configuration page. However, when you enter the router's IP, you'll be prompted with "User Name" and "Password" fields. Follow below, you'll see what should be entered in, and again, this is "factory default":

User Name = [leave blank]
Password = admin

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[Note: There are various Linksys products available, and many are diverse with old and new setup pages. The screenshots used for those step-by-step process have been taken from the Linksys WRT54G model. However, the terminology used here shouldn't be too hard to apply to any Linksys model given.]

Once you've "properly" logged into your router, it should bring you to the "Basic Setup" page. Here, you'll choose your Internet connection's type. For RR, we'll choose "Obtain an IP address automatically", or "Automatic Configuration - DHCP".

[Also to note: most router's used for Cable Modems are automatically configured for cable use already. That would be the case if you're just purchasing the product. If you're switching from a DSL provider, you can simply hit the "factory reset" button that should be located on the external portion of your device. However, Factory Reset will wipe out any custom settings, such as port forwarding, etc. Please keep that in mind prior to the setup.]

Now when you are complete with that, click the DHCP Tab located on top of the screen as shown below, then make sure 'DHCP Server' is enabled, then hit 'Apply'...

Next, Locate the tab 'Advanced' in the top-right hand corner and click it...

Then when page loads, scroll down to the bottom to where you see MTU, make sure it is enabled and set at 1500 and then hit Apply.

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last modified: 2005-10-16 15:44:22