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The network service svchost.exe is in charge of running basic network chores, one of which is loading and resolving entries for the DNS cache. Normally this is fine and the process will not interfere with anything. But if svchost is running for extended periods of time and consumes 50-100% of your CPU, it becomes a hassle and will not allow you to use the internet until it's done.
If you have access to reliable DNS servers, disabling DNS caching can put an end to svchost's reign over your internet connection.
To disable DNS caching:
    •Type services.msc into the run command (which can be found in the start menu)•In the services.msc window, scroll down to DNS Client. Right-click on it and select properties.•Click on stop then change the startup type to manual and click apply.
Now you'll need to ensure you have your DNS servers setup.
    •Go to the control panel, click on network connections, then right-click on the active connection and select properties.•Select TCP/IP and press properties.•Now enter your ISP's DNS servers or enter the IP address of your router if it has the capability of obtaining DNS information.

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