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Oh...you've come here, have you? Apparently enough people have that the chief inspector of FAQ questions (you've seen her) has told me that I have to put something in here. As far as the Mac goes, I've only been on one for about six years or so (my first 'real' mac was a PB5300)(which is still in operation, having retired to Florida), though I started emulating them a few years before that (on my trusty old Amiga 3000 (040/40)). I have plenty of manuals laying around; most are in the familiar 'brand new-never used' condition...
At the moment here, I have a gamut of machines here and operational...besides the Amiga, there's a Duo with dock, a Power Center Pro (604/210), a G4/450 (a refurb/obr, which was one of the early top models, when Apple was having trouble getting the 500 chip-so it has the DVD-RAM drive), and the Wallstreet (now G4/500) that I'm usually on.

And now, they've made me co-moderator of this madhouse...

I learn by doing, and by asking the guinea pigs early adoptors (why I'm here)...

And once in a while, maybe I get a chance to have a little fun...

said by johnnylundy:

1. Q: Hi! I just got a new Mac. How do I connect it to my PC?
A: Why the hell would you want to do that? Listen you little punk, take your *(^%#0 )(@@$## PC and )(*@^@%$% *(^@$ it up &*@%$# and your *()^%^# grandmother too.
2. Q. Hi! How can I tweak my DSL on a Mac?
A. Come over here and say that, you *()@$@&@$ of a )(@^@$%$@& little (*(@^))__@. If you weren't so stuck on that ()*@)@^ PC mindset of *()&#)ing TWEAKING every *()@(*#_@) thing, you'd know not to ask such a *@(()*@) @)*)(@*) @)())#)$)(#)# question like that. Tweak this, you *(&*@#)@(ing *(@&$)@) (@)*$)@()(@_))$(_)_!@_@)($))@_. And ()@*)$#)@.
3. Q. Hi! I'm so fed up with Windows XP - it crashes on me and I get confused. I'm thinking about getting a MAC, but a MAC is so expensive and the MAC doesn't have any games. What do you think?
A. What am I, a *)(*)&&*&ing BANK? Why don't I just (@)(*#$()# write you a )(*(#)#&@( check, you cheap-ass )()_*##*@)*&#*)(. What the hell do you expect me to do about your ()*#^#(@)_*@# financial ()@($)(# problems? And about your games - see this? Play THIS game, you lame-()&# !!!!!*&(@&#(*@!!!!)@*@() and take your beige piece of *@#(&@# and shove it up @)!(@)(#***@*# and your grandmother's too.

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last modified: 2004-02-20 21:50:44