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The rule is, if you ask politely, chances are that someone with the answer to your question will step forward and help you out.

We also have posting rules so that it will be easier for us to help you. This can be found by clicking on the "Before you post click here" link in the forum description Here are the rules:
    •Images should be kept small, at a displayable size of 640x480.
    •If they are larger than the size stated above, please zip it up and upload as an attachment.
    •RESPECT for all members of the forum from the newbie to the guru. To the newbies, respect the more senior members of the forum. We have spent many hours, days, weeks and in some cases, years working, learning, tweaking and hacking. To those who have been here before, respect the newbies... Remember, at one time EVERYONE was a newbie...
    For those starting new threads:
    •Check previous threads first.
    •"Catchy title" should relate to the topic of the thread.
    •Avoid using CAPS in "Catchy title".
    •State distribution/flavor and version. E.g Red Hat Linux 7.0.

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