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If you have a sbcglobal.net user ID, or "migrated" your ameritech.net account, you can access your 15MB of disk space at SBC Yahoo! GeoCities site. What you get free is 15MB of space with ADS, no FTP access.

If you are a legacy ameritech.net customer who never migrated to Yahoo!, you can access your 2 MB of personal web space at the Ameritech.net Member Site.

(01-05-2004) Rumor has it that the "legacy" webspace is going away soon. Better retrieve anything you have stored there for safekeeping.

(09-26-2004) Seems that you can actually link to items stored in your Geocities "free" webspace these days. Someone will be fired for offering a useful feature, so enjoy!

If you did migrate to SBCYahoo, use your username@ameritech.net login and password to access your Geocities webspace. It may be prudent to create a subaccount for webspace use since the URL contains the whole email address...

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