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My computer doesn't wake up when it's in "sleep" mode.

This depends somewhat on your internal settings and the way your machine is designed to work. It doesn't "wake" because your NIC doesn't accept packets in standby or hibernation mode. (Of course, you must have a suitable NIC with the WOL feature.)

You can check by looking at the LEDs on your NIC when the computer is turned off and when it is in "sleep" mode. If they are lit, the computer should wake when the remote packet is received. When the computer is hibernating if the LED isn't on it will not wake.

You can explore the settings in the "power" section of a Windows computer Control Panel, but this may not be adjustable.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Dear sir/madam, If been trying to get the WOL working but it doesn't seem to wake up my pc. What I've done so far: - enabled WOL in the BIOS and Windows settings of the PC - on my router I've forwarded the UDP port 9 to the same PC - on your site I've entered the external IP adres: 87.212.9.--- and the MAC of the PC I've also checked the LEDs of the NIC. Please could you help me with this? Kind regards, Jeroen Kluft

    2010-02-19 02:58:53

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