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Those who ask it are often beginners looking for a place to start, and it can most certainly be intimidating. A common misconception is that of large sweeping differences between Linux distributions, and while some aspects of the OS can vary, very little Linux functionality is actually distribution-specific.

The best thing to do is usually to just see what is popular, that often means they're doing something right. DistroWatch maintains statistics on which distributions generate the most visitor traffic.

DistroWatch Hit Counter

If it is recommendations you seek, take them from this list.

You might also consider trying what's known as a "LiveCD," which is essentially a Linux installation on a bootable CD. To use one simply download a pre-built CD image, burn it onto a CD, put the CD in your CD-ROM drive and reboot your computer. It's a good way to give Linux a test run without committing part of your hard disk to it.

If you're interested, a list of these LiveCDs can be found here: FrozenTech.com

Thanks to aefstoggaflm See Profile for the updated link.

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  • The current URL for FrozenTech, is now http://www.livecdlist.com/

    2010-03-23 21:53:56 (aefstoggaflm See Profile)

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