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There is an easy way of accessing the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro modem from behind a router. Once configured, there is no need to swap cables, lose your connection just to check your config or line stats. One drawback, it takes up two ports on your router. But you can add an inexpensive 5 port switch/hub to fix this, if you wish.

1. Connect your Alcatel STH/Pro directly to your NIC.
2. You then need to log into the Alcatel STH/Pro and change its routing table. Set your NIC to the following:

Subnet Mask:
Gateway: blank
DNS: blank

3. Open your web browser, and point it to »

4. The Alcatel STH/Pro web interface should appear. Follow the steps in the screenshot below.

* NOTE: this is a set up for a typical Linksys router, which uses 192.168.1.x IP's. If your router uses 192.168.0.x IP's or something else, just set it up accordingly.

5. Plug your computer back to the router and change your NIC properties back to Obtain IP/DNS Automatically, or a static IP if you had one set before.

Now the cabling setup.

1. Connect the Alcatel STH/Pro to the UPLINK port of your router via a straight-thru ethernet cable. If your router does not have an uplink port, it may auto-detect the cable, in which case you should plug it into any available port. Make sure you get a LINK light to verify the connection.

2. Plug in a straight-thru ethernet cable from any available router LAN port, directly to the router's WAN port. Make sure you get a LINK light to verify the connection.

And that's it! You can access your modem's web interface by entering » and also thru Telnet & AlcaTool. You are still able to access your router's web interface as well, at the same time. No more cable swapping, and reconfiguring your NIC!

Also refer to this thread for more information.

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