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My biggest disappoinment with the S7000 is the lack of compression choice in the native 6MP mode. It is too aggressive and when darkish shots going to 12MP Fine for the noise reduction, an almost 4x larger file is needed. Even if it was going to be fixed, should have been about 2MP instead of 1.5, which would make it half of the average 12MP fine file. (Something over 4MP)

Just about everything else about the S7000 is a great improvement over the 602. AF is faster and more accurate. In low light does well and electronic gain boost and can sort the contrast lines from the grain very effectively. Very rarely fails on zoom change, let alone actual focusing.

The EVF is 50MP more resolution (230KP) as well as just more brilliant and clear/accurate. Continuous focus has been added, though so far I've had no real experience with it.

The AF is MUCH better with nebulous shapes like clouds than the 602... why I almost always shot MF (still do though) because like the 602 dedicated button on demand AF is ALWAYS available in MF, and GREATLY reduces shutter lag, which by the way is also better in all modes, largely due to the AF improvements.

By the way the 12MP interpolation is also much better on nebulous shapes than the 6MP was on the 602. Using it's 6MP interpolated on clouds was always unsatisfactory to the native 3MP. With the 7000 there is almost no difference and the lack of resolution choice in 6MP is often made up (maybe even more) for by having the compression choice in 12MP.

I have yet to find a low light enough place for it to fail (but very near total darkness) in AF nearly ALWAYS on the first try.

The S7000 has very robust features, and I still say it is maybe one of the most easily and ergonomically controlled cameras ever. It's likely a good part of the reason Fuji kept the 602 design for the 7000... virtually all reviews of the 602 gave it near or perfect marks in that area. You can basically change any thing with a finger move, never changing your grip or taking your eye of the viewfinder.

One other slight area of disappointment with the 7000 it retracts the lens about 5 to 10 sec after going into play mode, the 602 waited for the user selected time out (602 did 30 sec, 2 or 5 min. Another primarily a battery consumption issue, but also an operational one, as it means the the camera resets to wide angle when going back to REC/shoot mode. If it didn't do that too, I wouldn't care as much.

Also very nice having most control variations available in most modes. For instance metering and focus - spot, area, multi, or average metering, and like for focus in all but full manual or full auto modes.

The 7000 also retains the 602's always one button available AF even in MF, so MF is really more of a manual tweak than full focus situation. This is why I use it so much, and again it focusses only when you WANT/NEED it to, rather than every shot, thereby GREATLY reducing shutter lag. About the only time I use full AF is in on the fly, in constantly distant changing situations.

Edited by zakooldude for clarity and format.

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