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When requesting help regarding connectivity issues the more information you can provide in these areas the more likely it is somebody will be able to help you:

    •Have you called Charter support at 1-888-GET-CHARTER (438-2427)?

    •The hardware -- What make and model of equipment are you using? Have you power cycled your equipment? If you're having connectivity issues and there is a hub, router, or switch in place, does the problem remain if you bypass any of these devices and connect your cable modem directly to your PC's NIC?

    •Have you made any changes to your hardware configuration recently? If so, please describe.

    •Have you performed a:

    and if so, post the results.

  1. Your software. Are you running a firewall or intrusion detection software and if so, what is it?

  2. Viruses. What, if any, anti-virus software are you running and is it up to date?

  3. Spy-ware. What, if any, antispyware software are you running and is it up to date?

  4. In what City and State are you located?

  5. In your opinion, what is the connectivity problem? (speed issue, loss of sync, dropped packets, other)

  6. Provide any other information that you think will help others help you.

Please, thank you, and other common courtesies are always appreciated!

*Note - If you call a Charter contact center, please do not
request a specific tech from BBR/DSLR, thanks.

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