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  • On the ISP listing pages I see a warning about USF
Some US DSL ISPs decide to add an item "below the line" on subscribers bills, called USF, USF Recovery Fee or FUSF Recovery Fee. The amount of this fee can vary wildly from company to company. Many ISPs do not charge it at all. There may be other "below the line" fees as well. (Sales tax, or gross receipts tax, if imposed, is not considered here. Based on your US state, and the policy of the ISP, you may have to pay sales tax on the all-in price.)

In order to promote fair comparison between products, and promote a DSL marketplace where you pay the advertised price with no surprise fees, we tag ISPs that advertise and charge "all inclusive." On all other ISPs that possibly charge USF we show a warning that any prices from this company may NOT include the USF charge.

If you know for a fact that an ISP does not charge USF (or any other fees) below the line and that their advertised monthly price is their actual monthly price, then please let us know by sending an instant message to Cabana. If we confirm your information, we will change the listing to remove this warning and show a new item "Prices All Inclusive."

If you work for the ISP, and you can verify that customers are only billed the total price, you are also invited to contact us so that we can change your listing to reflect this.

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