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According to just_robert See Profile of Earthlink tech support, 8/35 was used for EarthLink/BellSouth ADSL circuits created in 2001 and earlier. 0/35 is used for all other EarthLink ADSL circuits.

It is possible that some other older DSL accounts may also need a VPI/VCI setting of 8/35, depending on your equipment and who is provisioning your line.

NOTE: All the UHP Modems have a AutoDetect VC pair feature and will normally find the correct VPI/VCI for your ADSL line. However if you get a newer non-UHP Modem (like when replacing a defective modem) such as the current 2006/2007 ZyXEL P660R-61/P660R-ELNK you will have to manually change the VPI/VCI pair if your ADSL line was installed between from 2000 to 2002 and only if Bellsouth handles the provisioning as the old lines still use 8/35 for the VPI/VCI instead of the ZyXEL Modem's default value of 0/35 VPI/VCI.

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