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A number of excellent shareware games are available to while away those hours when there are no new posts to read at ATM...I'd recommend the following:

Solitaire Til Dawn- 40 solitaire games, ranging from always winable, to win if you're very, very lucky (available at versiontracker.com )

Anything at all from Freeverse- Bridge, Spades, and Hearts, all networked for online play; gin rummy, cribbage, and a nasty little piece of work called Enigma... all available at http://www.freeverse.com

And a true mac classic, for those who feel like bashing a few orcs or trolls-Realmz. While a few of the scenarios are (very) problematic under 9.x, many still work (I'd recommend Trouble and War in the Swordlands). They also have quite a number of other games. They're available at: http://www.fantasoft.com

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