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When using a pass phrase to generate a WEP key there is no guarantee the same key will be generated on 2 different products. This is especially true when using routers, WAP and/or wireless access cards from varying venders.

If you do use a pass phrase, and it does work for you, then it is entirely possible for someone to hack your WEP key, with a dictionary attack, or even just by guessing.

The best WEP, known as a Strong WEP Key, key is a randomly generated 128-bit (or 64-bit if you must) key. However, coming up with a completely random set of 16 acceptable characters (0-9 A-F) is, next to, impossible.

To generate a STRONG WEP key, you can use the generator located at:

If you are concerned about using this web-based generator, never fearThere is a downloadable application available at:

Some experts, recommend changing your WEP keys weekly. With one of the these applications making it so easy to generate strong WEP keys, you now have no excuse not to follow that advise.

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