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CLI Keys Description
Ctrl + A Beginning Line
Ctrl + B Backward Character
Ctrl + C Clear line
Ctrl + D Delete Character to the Right
Ctrl + E End Line
Ctrl + F Forward Character
Ctrl + H Backspace Character to the Left
Ctrl + I Refresh Line and Goto End
Ctrl + J Return
Ctrl + K Delete everything on the Right of cursor
Ctrl + L Refresh Line
Ctrl + M Return
Ctrl + N Next Command
Ctrl + P Previous Command
Ctrl + R Refresh Line
Ctrl + T Flip Last 2 Characters
Ctrl + U Clear Line and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + V Allows A Control Character To Be Typed
Ctrl + W Delete Word Backwards and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + X Clear Line to the Left and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + Y Paste Buffer Contents

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