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On September 23, 2002, AT&T began providing Official online Tech Support at this site. This involved contacting AT&T Staff on this site via instant messages if they required more help than we could provide in the regional forum. Most times, people posting in our forum actually get faster help, and learn more from their peers.

As of March 22, 2004, the contact method changes somewhat. Instead of using the site's unreliable and unwieldy IM function, Ameritech/AT&T/AT&T Yahoo customers should contact AT&T Online Support team members by posting a message in the AT&T Direct forum. The thread should only be visible by AT&T Online Support team members, and select moderators from DSL Reports. The AT&T-Midwest/Ameritech Funhouse forum is still your first point of contact, however, so make sure you post there before you try to go directly to the techs. You may have a problem that's been seen a hundred times and you'll get much faster resolution.

Remember to not publicly post any of your "private information" anywhere else on this site, but WITHIN the AT&T Direct area, you will need to do so. Please read this before you post in AT&T Direct. Please do not send an IM to a team member unless it is in reponse to an IM to you.

A list of the current Official techs is here.

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