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There are two places speeds are controlled. (1) Sync rates are set at the DSLAM or RT port, which limits both your upload and download at two independent rates, and (2) throughput is symmetrically limited at the Redback.

So...what has this got to do with your situation? Using an upgrade from 1.5 to 3 megabits as an example:

#1 has already been changed, and your upload speed has increased because of it. If you peek at the modem sync rates you'd see 3008/512. However...#2--the Redback--is still set at 1536/1536. This limits your upload and download to 1536, but since the DSLAM upload rate of 512 is less than 1536 that is your upload maximum. If you see 'speed test' speeds of ~1300/~420+ (note the upload speed) instead of what you used to get, you've been hit by this upgrade error.

Once they change your Redback profile your download will increase. If that doesn't happen by the end of the day on your due date, contact one of the ASI techs by posting in the AT&T Direct forum. They can fix it in about 5 minutes. Don't do that unless the due date for your upgrade has passed, though. You might also have luck by calling tech support and calmly but firmly requesting that they check your Redback profile for the proper settings. Don't bother with their troubleshooting script...it won't do any good.

This same thing can and does happen with any speed upgrade, by the way, not just the three or six meggers. For whatever reason they screw upgrades up far more often than they should. If you show proper sync and/or your upload increased on speed tests but are still getting "the same" download speeds that you got before, they didn't set the Redback to your new profile. This has been going on for over three four five six seven eight years now...

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last modified: 2009-02-16 12:15:59