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You need to be pingable since the test results can show accurate latency (ping time) for your connection. Your firewall or router prevents pings from being responded to, if properly set. If you're not pingable, the test will show a 100% loss at your address for both coasts.

If you're using a router, set it to allow pings. If you're using a firewall, the quickest way to become pingable is to tone down on the security level or just turn it off for the duration of the test. Some firewalls have an option to add IPs into a local or trusted zone that will give this IP more access than the general pool. These are the IP addresses that do the Monitor / Line Quality work.

Reason to be pingable:
This allows you to see if there are congestion problems, bottlenecks, bad routers and/or if something is wrong at your location. If you're not pingable, the only thing the test is useful for is a fancy traceroute.

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