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BT (British Telecom) locks access to their 5861 with crippled Firmware.

Visit here »5861.uk-bug.net/ for all the details on working with the BT 5861 including unlocking the unit and updating the Firmware to an uncrippled version. (Thanks to eusty See Profile)

Note: Since the »uk-bug.net web site is abandoned and gone a few (a very few) pages have been discovered at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine at »Web.Archive.Org but not all the links or all the images work, however the text of the articles appear to be complete. If any content is missing then it is gone/lost as the Web Archive didn't save it. There is no other known archive available.

Section: EN5861 Information.

Unlocking The Router

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last modified: 2009-09-11 19:57:33