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This is a wired remote that works on EOS 1V/1VHS, EOS 3, EOS D2000, EOS D30, EOS D60, EOS 1D, EOS 1Ds, EOS 10D. There is an adapter to use this remote on cameras with an older T-3 jack as well.

Out of the box:

This remote is big. The remote appears to have about a 5 ft cable, and the conector feels like it snaps into the camera very firmly. (Dont think its going to fall out at all.)

The remote takes a 3V button cell, and the literature says it should live for about 3 years. (!!) I dont know about that, as the remote has a nice green backlight that can be turned on / off with the push of a button.

Okay, so what does it do?
Well, firstly.. It trips the shutter (Big gray button in the middle) Just like the shutter release on the camera, if you push the button halfway it focuses, push the button the rest of the way to take the picture. With the button fully depresed, there is a lock you can slide up over the button to keep it down. (Useful for long exposures in "Bulb" mode)

Other features: This remote has 4 areas in it. Self timer, Interval timer, Long exposure, and exposure count setting. These 4 options are set individualy, by a jog wheel sticking out the side of the remote, and run together when you push the start/stop button.

If you set the remote with these parameters,
Self timer: 00:05
Interval Timer: 01:00
Long exposure: 00:05
Count setting: 05

Then once you push the start button, the camera will click off 5 seconds (self timer) then take a picture with the shutter speed at 5 seconds. 1 minute later, it will take another 5 second exposure, and so on, untill it has reached the selected count setting.

Any setting turned to 0 disables that setting.

Some neat things:

Plugged into my 10D, I have the camera set up to "sleep" after 4 minutes of inactivity. I plugged in the remote, set the interval for 15 minutes, and hit go.

Sure enough, 4 minutes after the first picture, the camera goes to sleep. at 1 minute before taking the next image, the remote wakes up the camera. 5 seconds before times up, the remote allows the camera to auto-focus, then *click*

Very cool..

This remote is useful if you do any long exposure (more than 30 sec) work, time elapse photography work, or have a need for a longer timer than the 10 Sec self-timer. I purchased this primarily for in-studio work, but will be having fun with it on some long summer nights.

The remote will do a maximum of 99 shots
99hr, 59min, 59sec maximum Self timer, interval timer, and long exposure.

This remote sells for $120-$150 street price.

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last modified: 2004-03-26 20:22:17