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Palm Mail works with MAPI (Microsoft) and VIM (Lotus) e-mail applications running Windows 98 and later.

Below is a list of e-mail applications known to be compatible with Palm Mail. Please note, this is not a definitive list of MAPI and VIM e-mail applications. Any MAPI and VIM compliant packages should work with Palm Mail; however, there may be slight differences in manufacturer implementations of these standards. Because of the number of e-mail application software available, we are not able to thoroughly test all clients claiming to support MAPI or VIM. If you are not sure if your e-mail application is MAPI or VIM compliant, check with your system administrator or the manufacturer of the product.

Applications supported by Palm Mail are:

• Lotus cc:Mail 6.0 or higher
• Microsoft Exchange 5.0 or higher
• Microsoft Outlook 97 or higher
• Microsoft Outlook Express (ships with Internet Explorer 4.0)*
• QUALCOMM Eudora Pro 3.0.1 or higher

Note: The version of Outlook Express packaged with the IE 4 beta release does not support Palm Mail.

Applications not supported by Palm Mail are:

• America Online (AOL)
• CompuServe*
• DEC All-in-One
• QUALCOMM Eudora Lite (versions previous to 3.0.1)
• QUALCOMM Eudora Pro 2.x (versions previous to 3.0.1)
• UNIX clients (Pine)

Note: Access to CompuServe e-mail is supported if using Microsoft Exchange or Outlook as the e-mail client attached to the CompuServe account.

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