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To change the username on a Palm unit, you can do one of two things.

You can perform a Hard Reset on the device. The next time you HotSync it, it will ask for a username, allowing you to set the username to whatever you'd like. Doing this will result in all of your data and applications being removed, and you'll need to re-install them. If you do want to keep all the applications and data, and just change usernames, you can run an application called ChangeName

If you change the username on a device it will mean that any shareware applications that are keyed to your username will no longer work. If you're actually switching to a new username for yourself, you'll may have to contact all the software developers and ask for a registration key for the use the HotSync name. The new username will be installed on your desktop software, but the old one will also still be there. You'll need to manually remove the old one from the desktop.

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