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By using the Title field in the AddressBook, one can create sub-categories within the existing categories of Palm. What you've you created is a parent-child relationship between the primary category and a 'sub-category'. Say you have a category named "Suppliers" where you enter all contacts that are Builders etc. You can then sort the Builders so you can easily see the list of Builders that perform Roofing services. Simply place the Company Name - Acme Services in the Company field; Name in the Name fields and 'Roofing' in the Title field. Then when you need to select or call a roofer, simply use find and 'Roofing' and obtain a list of all contractors who you have entered that do roofing. Additional notes can be included in the Note section of the AddressBook entry for Acme. It works well and avoids needing to recall the Builders name directly

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