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If something like that was posted and explained before - I'm sorry. Show me a link. And may be it's not a bug at all, but I've tried several times to post that page and it did not show smiles as I expected. Between those attempts I tried to make other posts - with success (as usual), they all show common smiles (like this one ).

Is it something wrong with that particular post?
And what should I do to avoid the problem in future?

My default preference - show smiles.

Thank you .

said by justin:
even though it is not consistent behavior it is extremely low on my priority list to fix. A smilie doesn't HAVE to be a cute graphic. A text smilie or text wink is understood universally. Code blocks are usually used for topics that are not just excuses for social chit chat.


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last modified: 2004-04-03 22:53:26