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  • What does a Port Scan do?

The Port Scan hosted on our website is temporarily offline. 

In the mean time, Steve Gibson's "ShieldsUp" tool is a worthy program until we redesign and reconfigure our scanner.


The objective of the Port Scan is to see how secure your PC is from people who want to break into your machine. DSLreport's port scan originates from "monitor.dslreports.com" as stated on the port scan page. What it does is send various packets that look for open TCP and UDP ports. It will let you know if you have open, closed or filtered port(s).

Stop by the Security Forum if you fail on information on a firewall. (A firewall is a must have for broadband connected machines.)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • It seems the Port Scan Tool is no longer available on DSL Reports. I was able to locate where it had been, and there's a note there saying it's been removed. Reason not given. But I think we can make a pretty good guess.

    2013-12-10 15:15:42 (bobert See Profile)

  • A link to the port scan page would be useful.

    2013-04-07 02:01:41 (petedahl See Profile)

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