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You can view your signal levels using the cable modem's web interface. You should see readings like this

Receive/Downstream: -15dbmV to +15dbmV
Transmit/Upstream: 30dbmV to 55dbmV
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 30dB or Greater

If your signals are out of spec, you may experience packet loss or retransmissions. Either can lead to slow speeds.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • says this information is outdated due to lack of DOCSIS 3.

    2014-06-01 13:40:21 (antdude See Profile)

  • According to the TW tech I just spoke with, acceptable downstream power levels are -9dBmV to +9dBmV. I am having problems with my digital phone service and the tech said my downstream power was +12dBmV and that was +3dBmV over max so he scheduled a truck to come out and see what's causing the excess power level.

    2009-03-25 07:20:23 (socalblitz See Profile)

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