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Not confirmed as a complete list:

Maintenance Profile (Sync 678/160) - only used for lines that can't support 1 meg, only applied at the discretion of tech support
1.0meg (Sync 1184/160) - Advertised 1.0meg service
1.0meg (Sync 1184/384) - NOT Advertised
1.0meg (Sync 1184/800) - NOT Advertised
1.5meg (Sync 1728/384) - Advertised 1.5meg service
1.5meg (Sync 1784/800 & 1784/640) - NOT Advertised, some people have been put on this profile as an upgrade, if their line cannot support higher download speeds.
2.0meg (Sync 2496/800 & 2496/640) - NOT Advertised
2.5meg (sync 3008/640) - NOT Advertised
2.5meg (sync 3008/800) - Advertised 3meg service
3.0meg (sync 3488/800 & 3488/640) - NOT Advertised
3.5meg (sync 4032/640) - NOT Advertised
3.5meg (sync 4032/800) - Advertised 4meg service

The speeds you can expect for the above profiles is as follows:

425/80KB/sec = 4032/800kbit sync profile Current "4meg package"
375/80KB/sec = 3488/800kbit sync profile
310/80KB/sec = 3008/800kbit sync profile Current "3meg package"
250/70KB/sec = 2496/640kbit sync profile
175/80KB/sec = 1728/800kbit sync profile
175/70KB/sec = 1728/640kbit sync profile
175/40KB/sec = 1728/384kbit sync profile
125/70KB/sec = 1184/640kbit sync profile
125/40KB/sec = 1184/384kbit sync profile
125/16KB/sec = 1184/160kbit sync profile
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