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Each cable modem, regardless of brand, is uniquely identified by its Cable Modem ID, or MAC address - short for Media Access Control. This address is a part of the hardware on the modem, and is associated with a specific user account.

As there are numerous cable modems on the market, and nearly as many that are used by our customers, below are generic instructions to locate your MAC address:

  • Generally, the MAC address can be found on the bottom of the Modem, usually near or on a barcoded sticker, along with the serial number of the modem.

  • Most times the MAC address will appear after these letters MAC or EA (e.g., MAC 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e) . Some Motorolas may have only SN (e.g., SN 8386848). Only use the alphanumeric numbers that appear after MAC or EA, or on some Motorolas, the numbers that appear after SN.

  • It can be easily identified by its pattern (e.g. 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e or 8386848 on some Motorolas), which stays the same from modem to modem even if the values change.

  • If your modem's MAC address can not be located using these tips, please check the manufacturer's user guide for the modem.

If you can access the modem settings page at » the MAC Address usually is also displayed on one of the pages. Not all modems and not all ISPs/divisions allow access to this page, so YMMV.

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