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There are only a select few modems that can display line stats to the end user. They are:

Alcatel SpeedTouch Home, Pro, or 510v3

Alcatel SpeedTouch 510v4

GNet BB0050

Some revisions of the Efficient Networks Speedstream 5200

Efficient Networks Speedstream 6300

Speedstream Stats Utility Software
SpeedStreamStats.zip 403,420 bytes

Speedstream 6250
You can access the lines stats by going to and entering your admin name and password (set up when you first configure the modem). Click on "advanced" and you can get your line stats.

If your modem is not listed here, then it simply not capable of displaying any line stats. If you know of another modem that does, please use the feedback link below to let us know about it.

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last modified: 2007-09-14 20:19:57