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POP mail

Some E-mail programs check other types of e-mail boxes as well as POP. If the program asks for the type of e-mail box, then select the option for POP e-mail. POP e-mail is already the default for most programs.
Address, Return Address, Reply-To Address

This is similar to the return address on a postal letter. Enter the user's E-mail address here. For example: popID@yourdomain.com
UserID, popID, Username

Enter the popID selected upon creation of the POP account. For example, accountname@yourdomain.com

Enter the password associated with the POP e-mail box. Some programs do not ask for the password until the mail account is checked.
POP Server Name, Incoming Server Name

Enter pop.biz.rr.com (vanity) or pop-server.hvc.rr.com (non-vanity) for the POP server name.

SMTP Server Name, Outgoing Server Name

Enter smtp.biz.rr.com (vanity) or smtp-server.hvc.rr.com (non-vanity) for the SMTP server.

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