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The Netopia is a little different than the earlier UHP modems from Earthlink. To put it into Bridge Mode start with the page shown in the image above and follow the steps below.

1] Connect directly to the Netopia UHP Modem then type into your browser (or copy/paste the IP) or you should be able to click here » to access the Web Interface of the modem.
2) Next Click on Help.
3) Now Click on Advanced Settings.
4) Next to DHCP/NAT/PPPoE Mode - Enable or Disable, Select Disable and that will put the UHP Modem into Bridge Mode.
5) Once in Bridge Mode, you have to manually set the VPI/VCI (sometimes written as rVPI/rVCI) in the Netopia UHP Modem as it is not automatically detected in Bridge Mode. Use either 0/35 or 8/35 as needed for your area.

Now setup your Router to use PPPoE, Always On connection and add only your Username and Password info. Your PC should stay set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically".

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last modified: 2005-10-29 04:27:59