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Q: Where do I go from here?
A: It's up to you at this point! Once your user name and password are entered, select a quick link button on the sign-in page for authenticated and fast access to the respective area.

Favorite Forums
To select several favorites, go to the »/forums/all page. Click on the "pick favs" link (#1), and the page will change to show the "Remember Fav. Forums" button (#2), along with checkboxes beside each forum (#3). Select yours, then hit the button.

Updated Followed
Any followed topic can also be marked. Marking them means they join a collection of topics you have previously marked, and you can pull them up at any time and page back through them. They are, in a sense, bookmarks stored by the site for your login ID.

Instant Msgs
One of the more useful features on the site is the "IM" or Instant Message, also referred to as "PM" or Private Messages.

Home Page
An excellent area for current news, hot topics, articles by the members and staff and ISP ratings. Certainly worth a look!

Forgot password
If you no longer have access to your old email address, and you forgot your password and are logged out, what can you do? Well, if your old account has a lot of history or tool points, we can usually recover it: use the contacts page to request this or post in the Site Help forum.

Common login difficulties
  • Your browser is refusing our cookie, or your software firewall is blocking all cookies.
  • Misreading/mistyping your password.
  • Getting your user name wrong (it is CaSe SeNSiTive).
  • Your computer date (year) is wrong.
  • Your "C" drive is full.

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    Our Guarantee
    Our login cookie is only used to save you from having to retype your user name and password repeatedly. We do not reveal any details you provide to any third party, and your email address is not sold or used for our own marketing without your prior permission. If we ever close, or change ownership, you will be provided fair opportunity to erase your account (but not any contributions you have made). If you cease to visit the site for a period longer than 90 days, your registration details will be automatically removed soon thereafter.

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  • Please also see /forum/remark,9967759~mode=flat for additional information on this subject.

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