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For Windows users:

Here are two ways to connect to the DW6000 over a LAN to access the config screen and reboot the terminal:

1. On PC Network Connected to DW6000 open a DOS command window.
At DOS command prompt enter "telnet 1953"(minus the quotes).
You will be presented with a configuration menu (be real careful in this menu and also anything typed will not echo).
At the Main Menu prompt enter "rr" and hit enter. This will reboot your DW6000. You must be very careful because the "rd" and "rf" command will de-configure your DW6000.

2. A simpler way to set this up is to use HyperTerminal.
Launch HyperTerminal and for new connection. Call it "DW6000" and click OK.
For the "Connect To" window click on the drop down for "Connect Using" and choose "TCP/IP(Winsock)".
For host address type "", for port type "1953".
When you click on "OK" you will see the Main Menu.
On the tool bar of HyperTerminal click on "File" the "Properties" from the drop down menu.
Click on the "Settings" tab then click on the "ASCII Setup" button
Click on the box next to "Echo typed characters locally" to check the box.
Click on "OK" then "OK" again to close the DW6000 Properties window.
Your typing will now show locally.
Please remember this will only work on a Windows based PC. Again, be careful which commands you execute. You may render your DW6000 unusable if you make a mistake.

PC information submitted by dmp0 See Profile

Windows Reset Utility: /forum/remark,10759372~mode=flat

Application written by dbirdman See Profile

For Apple Users with OS 10.2.7 or later:

Download 'Satstat', a 'Menu Bar Extra' either from HERE (»www.versiontracker.com/dyn/morei ··· sx/24867)
or HERE (»www.vortimac.com/products.html)
To install Satstat drag the application icon to your Application folder.
Go to System Preferences-->Accounts-->Startup Item Tab. Click the '+' box and select Satstat from your Application folder.
Restart the Mac or load Satstat from the Application Folder.
A satellite dish icon will show in the Menu Bar. Click on it and choose Preferences/Display Style/Number and the Update Frequency.
Your signal strength will now show in the menu bar and update at the chosen interval. (one second interval makes the most sense)
Click the 'Signal Strength Number' in the Menu Bar and choose 'Reset DW6000' whenever you need to re-boot the modem.

Apple information submitted by Mikofox See Profile

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