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Nextel Motorola I530:

I am very happy with my new I530. I have had no problems at all with the service, coverage, or durability of this phone. The durability was the main selling point for me, and most of my co-workers have been using Nextel for a few years now. One day I was working on the roadway and my I530 slammed onto the concrete with such force, that I surely thought it was totaled. It did not even have a scratch on it, and still works perfect.

Here are some of the features of the I530:

Adheres to Military Standard 810 F for dust, shock, and vibration.
Hands free speakerphone for cellular communications w/ built in speakerphone.
600 contact entries. 7 entries for each contact like cell, home, work 1 & 2, pager #, and direct connect if another Nextel user.
GPS enabled. Pulls up your GPS position at no extra cost, and on 911 calls it automatically enables GPS for enhanced 911 centers, or for your help. Great feature!
Vibracall alert for discreet times.
Downoad ring tones or voice record capability on calls, or download the voice activation features. Note: To do this you will need either the USB or serial cable to do, and many have small fees that apply for some of the services/ringtones. Cable costs around $24 USB and about $29 serial as of 4/25/04.
Call preview, Smart call and also recent (20) calls list.
Walkie-talkie speaker has available function to have speaker on or off, also on the cell calls too.
One touch Direct connect. You can program a DC (Direct Connect) number to be set for at any time you just want to use the direct connect walkie talkie...like to my wife, for example.
Headset jack.
Multiple languages.

OEM battery is lithium ion 750 mAh
165 minutes talk time.
75 Hrs standby

I paid $50 for my I530, and I get a 10% discount on my bill, as do most Governmental employees.

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