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Occupancy is the percentage of line capacity used. Each DSL line is capable of a certain maximum speed or "capacity" dependant on line distance and other varying factors. The occupancy is an expression of your current sync rate setting over your maximum capacity. There are occupancy rates for both upload and download.

For example, if your current sync rate is 3008/800, and your maximum capacity is 7200/1100, your occupancy is 42% downstream and 72% upstream.

Bell Sympatico will not upgrade your line if the occupancy if either the download or upload sync rate needs to be increased and is already 70% or more.

You can find out what your occupancy is by checking your modem line stats if your modem supports that features, or by calling 310-SURF and speaking with an agent.

Also known as "Line Occupancy" or "Relative Capacity Occupation"

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