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spacer supports an FTP server with a directory structure based on the different forums that are on this site. The Hosts of each forum can create and maintain a directory of useful program and\or tools associated with their topic.

The Direcway Satellite directory (sat) is primarily for BBR members who are willing to offer their applications to the world but may not have space of their own. Additionally, other applications and utilities will be added that may prove useful in your computing environment. All applications in the Direcway Satellite directory are free to use.

To access the FTP directory, you must first click on the following link provided below.

Click This Link for access!

After waiting the prescribed time, use your favorite FTP application to browse the system. You will have to login with your BBR name and password. Entries to login are case sensitive and spaces in your name (if any) should be replaced with an underscore. ( _ )

If you have a program you wish to submit, contact one of your forum hosts.

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