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1.0 Server Info

There are 3 private servers that BBR has access to. To connect to them from the game itself, hit the console command (usually the "tilde" Key or tab key) and type:
Smacktard Free Zone: open**
Hawk's Nest: open**
Clanspace: open**

You must become a member of the official Clan to get the password to the server.

Please see "How do I become a member of BroadBand Rangers?"

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last modified: 2003-09-01 11:11:44

The private server is generously hosted by, and paid for by BBR_Insuw and provided for the use of clan members.

His cost is $80 per month for this server, and an additional $10 per month for use of the teamspeak servers.

Please contribute whatever amount you can every month to help defray these costs. Having a private server to use at will is a huge advantage for clan members, and helping to pay for it is only fitting.

You may use PayPal by entering the following email address:
• BBR_AA@cox.net
If you use it, please support it.

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last modified: 2003-03-28 00:02:15

If you go to the [BBR]Clan Public forum you will see a window in the forum header that looks like this:

Use the scroll bar to move toward the bottom of that window, and you will see [BBR] Private Server. At the right side you will see how many members are currently on the server (0/20) and which map is currently loaded, ie: "Insurgent Camp".

Clicking on the server name will display additional information, including the names of players and their progress, etc.

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