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3.0 Game Info

Start the game the normal way, and when you get the first menu screen, open a map of your choosing to practice on.

1) To open a map:

Open AAO
Hit the console key (usually TAB or ~) to open the console.
(To exit the console at any time just hit the ESC key.)
Type start mapname, where mapname is one of the following:

(You can find a complete list of maps in your "?:\Program Files\Army Operations\Maps" folder.)
2) Movement:

Once the map has loaded type playerlock 0
(so you can move)

3) To get a weapon:

Now that you have a map loaded and can move you'll want a weapon and some targets to shoot at. That involves using some cheats but since it is single player practice it isn't cheating. However if you use these on a game server it is cheating.

Open the console and type mpcheat changeclass [weapon code] [no brackets]
Where [weapon code] is one of the following codes:
US Weapons

Code Weapon
r - M16A2
g - M16A2/M203
m4a1 - M4A1
s - M82/sniper
s24 - M24/sniper
ar - M249/saw
m4a1auto - Ranger M4A1

OpFor Weapons

ak - AK47
gp - AK w/ launcher
ak74su - AK74
svd - Dragunov sniper rifle
mos - Mosin-nagant sniper rifle
rpk - RPK Light Machine Gun

To switch to another weapon just simply type the code with a different weapon.

4) To set up targets:

Open the console and type summon agp_characters.npc_character name (Be sure to include the underscores!)
Where character name is one of the following:
flightcrew (Superman - can't be killed!)

(With your console open you can scroll through a list of commands that you have entered using the up and down arrows. Much easier when setting up multiple targets.

5) To get unlimited ammo:

Open the console and type mpcheat paramsammo1

6) Other useful commands:

Here are a few other things you may find useful. To use them open the console and enter the code.

These are to be used in single player practice mode only.

show fog - Turns fog on or off.
show coronas - Turns lights on or off.
show particles - Turns smoke on or off.
mpcheat god - God mode
mpcheat ghost - Ghost mode (walk through walls)
fly - To fly
walk - To walk again (This screws up jumping, opening doors, etc.)
mpcheat nvg - Night vision goggles
mpcheat freecamera 1 - 3rd person, independently rotating camera - good for taken pics!
behindview 1/0 - For 3rd person

These are not cheats so you can use them any time you want.

stat fps - Provides frames per second
stat net - Provides connection info
stat game - Provides performance timings in milliseconds
stat render - Provides rendering information
stat hardware - Provides in-depth modeling info
stat all - Provides large amounts of game info
stat none - Shuts stat info off


Thanks to dEeHC0Y for finding most of the info included here.

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Taken from this thread.

Click on the Homelan Admin Support link in the left column of the Server Find section of Americas Army: Operations, which will bring you to the AA website support page:

Click on the "Launch AGA":

A javascript pop-up will come out that looks like this:

Completing that screen will bring up this one, where you will be prompted to choose what type of complaint you want to report:

Continue choosing options and until you arrive at this box waiting for an Admin to show up.

From a post by dEeHC0Y

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It depends on what map you want to play.

If you want to play...

MOUT McKenna, Bridge, Pipeline, Mountain Pass, Tunnel, POW Rescue (a.k.a HQ Raid), Insurgent Camp, or River Basin - You have to pass Basic Training

If you want to play...
FLS assault, JRTC Farm, Mountain Ambush, Swamp Raid, Weapons Cache, Weapons Cache SE, Radio Tower, or Bridge SE - You have to complete Airborne School. This includes the Live Jump from the plane.

If you want to use the sniper you must play on a server that has at least 7-8 players per side and have passed sniper school. This allows you to use the sniper on Bridge, Mtn Pass, IC, Radio Tower, and Bridge SE.

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As I increase my honor level, how many points do I need for each additional increase?

Honor levels are scaled so each level obtained is harder than the last:

Honor Level Points needed for next level
------------ ----------------------------
[0-10] 500
[11-20] 1000
[21-30] 2500
[31-40] 4000
[41-50] 6000
[51-60] 8500
[61-70] 11500
[71-80] 15000
[81-90] 19000
[91-100] 23500

by KeysCapt See Profile