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3.5 Army Ops Monitor

This is a program for those of you who would like to have a dedicated Server Browser/Buddy Search for America's Army: Operations.

Full documentation and information is here.

The program allows you to quickly see all servers, number of players, pings, and join the server directly from the screen, among other features.

Download here

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Add your own links to the Links menu:

Open C:\Program Files\Army Ops Monitor\AAMonitor.ini
(Always back up your .ini file before making changes!)

At the bottom of the file, you can add in your own links. Here's the format:
The number to the left of the equal sign (=) is the entry's position in the menu. The text immediately following the equal sign indicates the name that will be displayed on the menu. Then a tab follows. Then the target address follows.

Some useful sites:
»www.dslreports.com or
If you want to create a divider, the format is as follows:
(where 16 is the position in the menu.)
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