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It was last modified on 2003-12-02 19:56:24

0 General

What is America's Army?

"A thrilling first-person action game. Become a member of the world's premier land force; trained and equipped to achieve decisive victory anywhere. Earn the right to call yourself a Soldier, letting the enemies of freedom know that America's Army has arrived.

Make a difference in the world-and in yourself-as you join thousands online, neutralizing threats wherever they arise. Honor and integrity will forge your character; bravery and firepower will prove your readiness in any situation. Teamwork. Respect. Action. The adventure starts here!"

You can download it HERE.

The game is a recruiting tool for the United States Army.

Can anyone submit a Q and A?

Sure. If you submit something, just drop me an IM letting me know, otherwise it may go unnoticed for a little while.

1.0 Server Info

Where can I play America's Army with other BBR members?

There are 3 private servers that BBR has access to. To connect to them from the game itself, hit the console command (usually the "tilde" Key or tab key) and type:
Smacktard Free Zone: open**
Hawk's Nest: open**
Clanspace: open**

You must become a member of the official Clan to get the password to the server.

Please see "How do I become a member of BroadBand Rangers?"

Supporting the Private Server

The private server is generously hosted by, and paid for by BBR_Insuw and provided for the use of clan members.

His cost is $80 per month for this server, and an additional $10 per month for use of the teamspeak servers.

Please contribute whatever amount you can every month to help defray these costs. Having a private server to use at will is a huge advantage for clan members, and helping to pay for it is only fitting.

You may use PayPal by entering the following email address:
• BBR_AA@cox.net
If you use it, please support it.

Server Status

If you go to the [BBR]Clan Public forum you will see a window in the forum header that looks like this:

Use the scroll bar to move toward the bottom of that window, and you will see [BBR] Private Server. At the right side you will see how many members are currently on the server (0/20) and which map is currently loaded, ie: "Insurgent Camp".

Clicking on the server name will display additional information, including the names of players and their progress, etc.

2.0 Clan Info

What is a BroadBand Ranger?

A BroadBand Ranger is any member of our clan that holds up to the values we've established.

    A BroadBand Ranger:
    •Abides by the Votekick Oath•Does not cheat
    •Plays with integrity
    •Follows orders
    •Follows a proper code of conduct
    •Is an official member of the clan

How Do I become a member of BroadBand Rangers?

Apply and try out with us. In the application box to the forum explain that you're interested in joining.

How do I get a [BBR] tag once I am a BroadBand Ranger member?

Follow these steps from Andy

How can I see [BBR] Clan statistics?

You can look in a number of places, as there are quite a few; however, [BBR] uses this site to track it's members and clan stats.

The Votekick Oath

The following has been agreed upon by clan members:

A Broadband Ranger never initiates nor participates in a votekick in the following circumstances:

  • Being away from keyboard (AFK) when their absence has been announced to the team they are on.

  • Team killing, unless purposely and with out apology.

  • Suspected cheating, this is an ADMINS responsibility not yours.

  • Poor performance. Or not following the actions of the Squad leader.

  • Not giving up a weapon that you want to use.

  • To end a round or Match for the win.

  • Duress that if you do not votekick a player then you will be votekicked off the server. You will be votekicked off rather than vote off another.

  • If the person being votekicked is a fellow Broadband Ranger. Or Trainee.

Do We Have A Website?

Could Somone Explain all the logins on the Public Site for Me????

Of course. :)

Your Site account

-This you create with your own GAME NAME and password.

-You create an account to see some members only stuff, and get to the forums.
With out a site account you can do little within the site but read up on news.

Your VWAR profile

- This is created by a site ADMIN for you.

- You have to be added by an ADMIN here so we can add you to the Ranger Roster,
and assign you to Squads and Platoons.

- You have to have an account in VWAR to join matches on the Battle Schedules.

- Yourlog in name is your GAME NAME and your password is your GAME NAME with out the [BBR] tag, leaving the first "_" underscore after a "t", but removing the "_T" from your game name.

- When you loose the "T" in your game name, your VWAR name is changed to match your GAME NAME, your password stays the same.

- So, if a member's game name is [BBR]_JustinIsTheBest. The username would be [BBR]_JustinIsTheBest and the password would be JustinIsTheBest.

This helps get people added to the Ranger Roster correctly.

Ranger Roster

This can only be created and changed by ADMINS of the site.

The information used to add a player is collected from additions to the aaotracker page for our clan.

In order to be added to the Ranger Roster YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT TO THE SITE.

You DO need to be added as a player in the VWAR section, by an ADMIN.

So, in short, the site has 2 separate log ins: One for the site, one for VWAR. Integration of the two is currently underway, however, it will be a while as the process is long and difficult. When complete, you will only need ONE log in.
Drafted by jmplep here (Ranger only link).

3.0 Game Info

How do you put AAO into practice mode?

Start the game the normal way, and when you get the first menu screen, open a map of your choosing to practice on.

1) To open a map:

Open AAO
Hit the console key (usually TAB or ~) to open the console.
(To exit the console at any time just hit the ESC key.)
Type start mapname, where mapname is one of the following:

(You can find a complete list of maps in your "?:\Program Files\Army Operations\Maps" folder.)
2) Movement:

Once the map has loaded type playerlock 0
(so you can move)

3) To get a weapon:

Now that you have a map loaded and can move you'll want a weapon and some targets to shoot at. That involves using some cheats but since it is single player practice it isn't cheating. However if you use these on a game server it is cheating.

Open the console and type mpcheat changeclass [weapon code] [no brackets]
Where [weapon code] is one of the following codes:
US Weapons

Code Weapon
r - M16A2
g - M16A2/M203
m4a1 - M4A1
s - M82/sniper
s24 - M24/sniper
ar - M249/saw
m4a1auto - Ranger M4A1

OpFor Weapons

ak - AK47
gp - AK w/ launcher
ak74su - AK74
svd - Dragunov sniper rifle
mos - Mosin-nagant sniper rifle
rpk - RPK Light Machine Gun

To switch to another weapon just simply type the code with a different weapon.

4) To set up targets:

Open the console and type summon agp_characters.npc_character name (Be sure to include the underscores!)
Where character name is one of the following:
flightcrew (Superman - can't be killed!)

(With your console open you can scroll through a list of commands that you have entered using the up and down arrows. Much easier when setting up multiple targets.

5) To get unlimited ammo:

Open the console and type mpcheat paramsammo1

6) Other useful commands:

Here are a few other things you may find useful. To use them open the console and enter the code.

These are to be used in single player practice mode only.

show fog - Turns fog on or off.
show coronas - Turns lights on or off.
show particles - Turns smoke on or off.
mpcheat god - God mode
mpcheat ghost - Ghost mode (walk through walls)
fly - To fly
walk - To walk again (This screws up jumping, opening doors, etc.)
mpcheat nvg - Night vision goggles
mpcheat freecamera 1 - 3rd person, independently rotating camera - good for taken pics!
behindview 1/0 - For 3rd person

These are not cheats so you can use them any time you want.

stat fps - Provides frames per second
stat net - Provides connection info
stat game - Provides performance timings in milliseconds
stat render - Provides rendering information
stat hardware - Provides in-depth modeling info
stat all - Provides large amounts of game info
stat none - Shuts stat info off


Thanks to dEeHC0Y for finding most of the info included here.

How do I report cheaters?

Taken from this thread.

Click on the Homelan Admin Support link in the left column of the Server Find section of Americas Army: Operations, which will bring you to the AA website support page:

Click on the "Launch AGA":

A javascript pop-up will come out that looks like this:

Completing that screen will bring up this one, where you will be prompted to choose what type of complaint you want to report:

Continue choosing options and until you arrive at this box waiting for an Admin to show up.

From a post by dEeHC0Y

What training do I have to complete?

It depends on what map you want to play.

If you want to play...

MOUT McKenna, Bridge, Pipeline, Mountain Pass, Tunnel, POW Rescue (a.k.a HQ Raid), Insurgent Camp, or River Basin - You have to pass Basic Training

If you want to play...
FLS assault, JRTC Farm, Mountain Ambush, Swamp Raid, Weapons Cache, Weapons Cache SE, Radio Tower, or Bridge SE - You have to complete Airborne School. This includes the Live Jump from the plane.

If you want to use the sniper you must play on a server that has at least 7-8 players per side and have passed sniper school. This allows you to use the sniper on Bridge, Mtn Pass, IC, Radio Tower, and Bridge SE.

Honor - Levels and points

As I increase my honor level, how many points do I need for each additional increase?

Honor levels are scaled so each level obtained is harder than the last:

Honor Level Points needed for next level
------------ ----------------------------
[0-10] 500
[11-20] 1000
[21-30] 2500
[31-40] 4000
[41-50] 6000
[51-60] 8500
[61-70] 11500
[71-80] 15000
[81-90] 19000
[91-100] 23500

3.2 KeyBinding

Some Discussion on KeyBinding

KeyBinding refers to setting up your AA.INI file so that when you load the game, your keyboard is set up with the keys to do what you want them to do. This is helpful to customize it to your way of playing, and to add features and vocal commands where you want them and can reach them easily.

From forum posts, here's
one suggestion



And another

3.5 Army Ops Monitor

Army Ops Monitor

This is a program for those of you who would like to have a dedicated Server Browser/Buddy Search for America's Army: Operations.

Full documentation and information is here.

The program allows you to quickly see all servers, number of players, pings, and join the server directly from the screen, among other features.

Download here

Adding your own links to Army Ops Monitor

Add your own links to the Links menu:

Open C:\Program Files\Army Ops Monitor\AAMonitor.ini
(Always back up your .ini file before making changes!)

At the bottom of the file, you can add in your own links. Here's the format:
The number to the left of the equal sign (=) is the entry's position in the menu. The text immediately following the equal sign indicates the name that will be displayed on the menu. Then a tab follows. Then the target address follows.

Some useful sites:
»www.dslreports.com or
If you want to create a divider, the format is as follows:
(where 16 is the position in the menu.)
From a post by raw in the forum

4.0 TeamSpeak

What is Teamspeak 2?

Teamspeak is basically a means of carrying on voice comms with your buddies while engaged in the game. It is easy to download and install (free to use), and allows for teams on assault and defense to have separate channels. With a headset, it enables communication while leaving your hands free for the game.

The BBR AA Clan has chosen Teampspeak2 as its comm program of choice.

There is a good introduction to it here.
Link courtesy of GhostRecon.net

How do I set up TeamSpeak 2?

At this point, we use Teamspeak 2 RC2 for voice communication.

BBR AA Clan members should see this thread.

Here is how to set it up:

    •Uninstall Teamspeak RC1 (or the previous installed version) from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel if you have it installed.

    •Download and install RC2 (or the latest version) from here.

    •Once you have installed it, open TS.

    •From the Connect menu, click Connect. You will be presented with a screen like this:

    •In the Server Address field, type in our current server and port: ASK IN AA FORUM.

    •Make sure you log in anonymously with the same password as our AA server (ask in the forum).

    •Click Connect.

Once you're online, it's time to do some configuration.

    •On the Settings menu, click Sound Input/Output Settings.

    •Make sure you select "push to talk" mode.
    Click the Set button to choose a key to use for speech. I use Q because of its proximity to the other AA controls.

    •Test it using the local test mode, and click close.

    •Now, go into Settings, Options. Go to the Bandwidth tab.

    •Set the upstream and downstream limits to your choosing. The minimum limit is 6 kbits/sec. I arbitrarily set the upload limit to 17kbits/sec on my 1500/256 connection. This is way more than necessary (I think). Experiment when the TS server is crowded. Each voice transmission is 5.1 kilobits/sec. Click OK

If you want to set up key bindings so you can change channels without switching out of the game, go into the Key settings. These are the binds I use:

You can download and import the binds listed above (created by jmplep for your use) here
To create your own, click the Add button.

To register with the server, click the Self menu. Then click Register with server. The procedure is the same as with RC1. Once your registration succeeds, go back into the connect menu and type in your user name and password.