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It was last modified on 2006-09-04 01:36:50

1 How do I submit a birthday?

To get on the Birthday List:

Post your birthday in this thread: /forum/remark,14916023 or you can IM dandelion See Profile

2 How do I remove a birthday?

To remove your Birthday from the list:

IM dandelion See Profile

3 January Pixels

January Birthdays

3rd of January, kg

4 February Pixels

February Birthdays

16th of February, MLOK5

25th of February, fourboxers

5 March Pixels

March Birthdays

17th of March, Valkyre

28th of March, Bryon

6 April Pixels

April Birthdays

7 May Pixels

May Birthdays

15th of May, dandelion

8 June Pixels

June Birthdays

6th of June, lilhurricane

25th of June, wafen

9 July Pixels

July Birthdays

3rd of July, ohdan

10 August Pixels

August Birthdays

28th of August, rjackson

11 September Pixels

September Birthdays

10th of September, DavisPhotog

15th of September, MacroMan

18th of September, DSmithLady

12 October Pixels

October Birthdays

12th of October, sargeeld

19th of October, INTENS1

13 November Pixels

November Birthdays

6th of November, SLICK01

30th of November, tmpchaos

14 December Pixels

December Birthdays

18th of December, Hawk

28th of December, Mospaw