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1 General

What is the relationship between Thomson and Alcatel?

Thomson Multimedia and Alcatel have had a relationship dating back to 1999. They originally partnered together to develop and deliver home networking products.

Thomson Multimedia and Alcatel came to an agreement in June 2001 to transfer Alcatel's DSL modem business to Thomson, including support for previous Alcatel Speedtouch models. View press release here.

Thomson Multimedia was previously known as Thomson Consumer Electronics and made small portable electronic devices for RCA.

Where can I obtain an Alcatel modem in Canada?

What are the specs for the Speedtouch AC adapter

The Speedtouch modems use an AC adapter that delivers 9 volts DC at 1000mA (or 1 amp).

2 Features

What are the differences between the SpeedTouch Home and Pro?

The Pro has special features that allow it to act as a router as well as a modem. The Home is only designed for use as a modem, and there are no router features.

What do all the lights mean on my SpeedTouch USB?

Power (left): The USB light represents the power to the modem. If it blinks, the modem is starting up. If it is off, the modem is either disconnected from the computer, or the computer is off.

Network Connection or ADSL (right): The DSL light represents proper DSL connection to your ISP. If it is solid green, the modem has synced. If it is not solid green, the modem has not synced, and you need to call your ISP.

What do all the lights mean on my SpeedTouch Home or Pro?

From left to right:

LAN: this green light flashes when data is being sent or received through the ethernet port.

Line TX: this green light flashes when data is being transmitted from your modem over the DSL line.

Line RX: this green light flashes when data is being received by your modem over the DSL line.

Line Sync: this green light flashes when your modem is syncing with the DSL hardware at the other end of the line. When sync has been achieved, this light changes to a steady green.

Power/Alarm: this multi-colored light will start out as flashing red when the modem is first turned on and is performing its power-on-self-test (POST). The light will change to a steady green once it has booted and is ready for use.

There is also a green LED beside the ethernet port on the back of the modem, this light will change to a steady green when a successful connection is made between the modem and whatever ethernet device you have plugged the other end of the cable into.

What are the maximum speeds of the Speedtouch modems?

Up to 8Mbps downstream, and 832kps upstream for all Speedtouch modems.

Can a Speedtouch modem perform PPPoE authentication?

It depends. The majority of Alcatel Speedtouch modems do NOT have the PPPoE protocol or stack built in to them, therefore they cannot authenticate to a PPPoE based service without PPPoE software being installed on the client computer. (also known as bridge mode)

However, if your Speed Touch Pro (with firewall) modem has firmware version 3.430 or later, PPPoE authentication by the modem is possible. See here for more info: /forum/remark,10372806~mode=flat

What do all the characters in the modem model number mean?

How do I configure the firewall on a Speedtouch 510?

Click Here

In case of dead link above, go here.

3 Troubleshooting

I bought a Speedtouch from eBay. It will sync but not connect. Why?

You need to change the VPI/VCI settings for your modem so it can communicate with your ISP. Even if the VPI/VCI settings are wrong, the modem will still sync. So don't be fooled. You can find out what settings you should be using by calling your ISP, or asking in one of the provider forums on this site.

Instrutions for accessing the modem configuration where you can change the VPI/VCI setting.

How do I do a hard reset of my Speedtouch Home or Pro modem?

Turn the power off. Look at the back of the modem and you will see a Reset or Defaults hole. Get a ball-point pen and press the button in the hole while turning the modem on. Continue to hold the button in until ALL of the lights on the modem start to flash simultaneously.

This will reset the modem back to factory defaults, and may recover your modem after you have made a mistake in changing some of the settings and don't know how to change them back.

How do I find the sync rates and line stats for a SpeedTouch Home, Pro or 510v3?

METHOD 1: Download the Alcatool software HERE. (Please note that the Alcatool software is not an Alcatel product, and use of it is at your own risk. Alcatool will NOT work with Speedtouch USB modems.)

If you have a router, temporarily bypass it for this test. Configure your computer to use the local IP address, subnet mask with no gateway or DNS. Restart your computer to force the change to take effect. Then start Alcatool, enter the address with no password and click connect. Press the "Line Stats" button the lower right corner then select "Line Info".

METHOD 2: Refer to this FAQ item

Both methods will yield the same result.

How do I interpret the Speedtouch Home/Pro/510v3 line stats?

Operational data report : near end (Downstream)
Attainable line rate : 7516 kbit/sec Maximum theoretical download rate
Attainable Atm rate : 7040 kbit/sec Maximum actual download rate before TCP overhead
Used line rate : 3400 kbit/sec Current theoretical download rate
Fast used Atm rate : 3008 kbit/sec Current actual fastpath download rate before TCP overhead. If this number is zero, please see the next line.
Interleaved used Atm rate : 0 kbits/sec Current actual interleaved download rate before TCP overhead. If you see a number other than zero here, your line is interleaved.
Rel. capacity occupation : 45 Percentage of line capacity used. If this number is above 78%, your line in its current state does not qualify for any speed upgrades.
Noise Margin : 17 dB This is a measure of how good your data signal is relative to the noise on the line. This should be a high number and in any case no lower than around 6 dB. If it's this low you could find the modem gets data errors or even sync problems.
Line attenuation : 42 dB Measures how much signal loss there is on the line - this should be a low number and in any case should be no more than around 60-65 dB.
Output Power : 15 dBm Indicates how hard the modem is working to maintain the link. High numbers (around 19 or above) can indicate possible problems.

Explanations for upstream data is the same as above.

Any of these numbers near or at the limits described can cause the modem to lose sync and/or have high error rates resulting in poor internet performance. This is usually due to poor cabling, interference, or a line which is near or at the distance limit of where ISP can still provide ADSL from the DSLAM.

How do I display upstream line stats when Alcatool says they're unavailable?

Press the "Reset Line" button while viewing the stats in Alcatool. After a short delay, the upload stats will be displayed.

Not all modem versions support displaying of upstream stats.

How do I find the sync rates and line stats for a Speedtouch 510v4?

1. Make sure that you set your IP address to and your subnet mask to and default gateway to
2. Start a DOS prompt or Command prompt.
3. Type telnet
4. Once you are logged in, issue the following command: adsl info

How do I interpret the line stats for a Speedtouch 510v4?

Channel Mode - If this line says "Fast", you are on fastpath. Otherwise your line is interleaved.

Margin - This is a measure (in dB) of how good your data signal is. Higher numbers are better. If this number drops below 6, you'll start to have sync problems.

Attenuation - Measures (in dB) how much signal loss there is on the line - this should be a low number and in any case should be no more than around 60-65 dB.

Available Bandwidth - Current sync rate in kilobits per second. This is NOT your maximum attainable sync rate.

In the above sample results, the line potential is not revealed to the end user. However, we can examine the SNR Margin and Attenuation numbers. In this case, the downstream and upstream margins are 25 and 31, which are much greater than the minimum of 6. The downstream and upstream attenuation is 26 and 15, which are much lower than the maximum of 60-65. Therefore, this line would likely qualify for a speed upgrade. How much of an increase is possible cannot be known from this data, but these numbers are good indicators.

Port 80 Forwarding & DHCP

1) With a 510v5 I find that as soon as I forward port 80, either directly by editing the NAT through the web interface or by having a PC do it through uPNP lose contact with the modem. It still routes, works as a DHCP accepts uPNP request from uTorrent etc. but I can't access its web interface or Telnet CLI interface. This doesn't happen every time.

2) I find that DHCP does not work on a "new" internal IP address, e.g. adding unless I first delete before setting up the address pool. I.e. Add IP - Add Pool - Delete never lets the DHCP work, whereas Add IP - Delete - Add Pool does.

Becoming pingable

If you are sure that the problem of being unpingable is not software related (software firewalls, etc.), then try the following:

This applies to firmware

1. Telnet to the Speedtouch: telnet

2. Login (the default username is: Administrator) with no password

3. Enter the following commands (one line at a time):
service system ifadd name=PING_RESPONDER group=wan

»speedtouch.net.nz/forum/topic.as ··· C_ID=383

How do I reset a forgotten password?

click here for instructions.

What is the default username and password for the Home/Pro Modems

There are two passwords.

The first is the username and password used to protect the modem's web interface from unauthorized users. There isn't a default username and password set, so if one has been set, it's been done by you, somebody else, or the ISP who owns the modem. See here for password reset instructions.

The second is the EXPERT password, used for configuring advanced functions not available through the web interface. The EXPERT password is derived from the MAC address, and can be found by using this webpage. The EXPERT password is entered when accessing the modem's telnet command line interface.

4 Hacking and Tweaking

How do I access the modem configuration page / line stats from behind a router?

There is an easy way of accessing the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro modem from behind a router. Once configured, there is no need to swap cables, lose your connection just to check your config or line stats. One drawback, it takes up two ports on your router. But you can add an inexpensive 5 port switch/hub to fix this, if you wish.

1. Connect your Alcatel STH/Pro directly to your NIC.
2. You then need to log into the Alcatel STH/Pro and change its routing table. Set your NIC to the following:

Subnet Mask:
Gateway: blank
DNS: blank

3. Open your web browser, and point it to »

4. The Alcatel STH/Pro web interface should appear. Follow the steps in the screenshot below.

* NOTE: this is a set up for a typical Linksys router, which uses 192.168.1.x IP's. If your router uses 192.168.0.x IP's or something else, just set it up accordingly.

5. Plug your computer back to the router and change your NIC properties back to Obtain IP/DNS Automatically, or a static IP if you had one set before.

Now the cabling setup.

1. Connect the Alcatel STH/Pro to the UPLINK port of your router via a straight-thru ethernet cable. If your router does not have an uplink port, it may auto-detect the cable, in which case you should plug it into any available port. Make sure you get a LINK light to verify the connection.

2. Plug in a straight-thru ethernet cable from any available router LAN port, directly to the router's WAN port. Make sure you get a LINK light to verify the connection.

And that's it! You can access your modem's web interface by entering » and also thru Telnet & AlcaTool. You are still able to access your router's web interface as well, at the same time. No more cable swapping, and reconfiguring your NIC!

Also refer to this thread for more information.

How do I change my SpeedTouch Home to a Pro?

WARNING: The following link(s) are presented for information only. Neither the owner of this FAQ or Broadbandreports.com will be held responsible for any damage you might cause using the information in these links, and you proceed entirely at your own risk.

(Note from FAQ author: I tried this procedure, and it did not work for me. Your results may vary.)


How do I access the modem configuration page through my web browser?

First, you must configure your TCP/IP connection to use your modem as the default gateway. The procedure for this varies slightly depending on the operating system you are using, but the settings you will need to use are as follows:

IP Address (of your machine):
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
IMPORTANT: make note of the current settings before you change them because you will need to change them back in order to connect to the Internet again.

Once you have done that, you may need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect. Then you can type in your web browser to access the modem configuration pages.

Note that you will not be able to connect to the Internet using your modem while doing this, so it is a good idea to have any material you need either printed out or saved to your computer since you will not be able to consult resources on the internet for assistance.

Where can I obtain the Alcatool software?

Get it here

Please note that the Alcatool software is not an Alcatel product, and use of it is at your own risk.

Note that Alcatool will NOT work with Speedtouch USB modems.

How do I connect to my modem with Alcatool?

You should first configure your computer to use the IP address, subnet mask and no gateway or DNS. Then start Alcatool, enter the address with no password and click connect.

How do I find out the Admin password for my Home/Pro modem?

Where can I find updated firmware for my Speedtouch modem?