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1.05 Who Are These People?

Yeah, well that is the question...I've put together a collection of thread links, which may well answer it...

WORKSTATION SLOBS bis bis Feb 2004
WORKSTATION SLOBS bis bis bis Feb 2005
WORKSTATION SLOBS bis bis bis bis Feb 2006
If anyone can suggest any others, or has the first intro thread bookmarked, please IM me-ed

by tmpchaos See Profile edited by rjackson See Profile
last modified: 2006-02-11 11:35:16

Oh...you've come here, have you? Apparently enough people have that the chief inspector of FAQ questions (you've seen her) has told me that I have to put something in here. As far as the Mac goes, I've only been on one for about six years or so (my first 'real' mac was a PB5300)(which is still in operation, having retired to Florida), though I started emulating them a few years before that (on my trusty old Amiga 3000 (040/40)). I have plenty of manuals laying around; most are in the familiar 'brand new-never used' condition...
At the moment here, I have a gamut of machines here and operational...besides the Amiga, there's a Duo with dock, a Power Center Pro (604/210), a G4/450 (a refurb/obr, which was one of the early top models, when Apple was having trouble getting the 500 chip-so it has the DVD-RAM drive), and the Wallstreet (now G4/500) that I'm usually on.

And now, they've made me co-moderator of this madhouse...

I learn by doing, and by asking the guinea pigs early adoptors (why I'm here)...

And once in a while, maybe I get a chance to have a little fun...

said by johnnylundy:

1. Q: Hi! I just got a new Mac. How do I connect it to my PC?
A: Why the hell would you want to do that? Listen you little punk, take your *(^%#0 )(@@$## PC and )(*@^@%$% *(^@$ it up &*@%$# and your *()^%^# grandmother too.
2. Q. Hi! How can I tweak my DSL on a Mac?
A. Come over here and say that, you *()@$@&@$ of a )(@^@$%$@& little (*(@^))__@. If you weren't so stuck on that ()*@)@^ PC mindset of *()&#)ing TWEAKING every *()@(*#_@) thing, you'd know not to ask such a *@(()*@) @)*)(@*) @)())#)$)(#)# question like that. Tweak this, you *(&*@#)@(ing *(@&$)@) (@)*$)@()(@_))$(_)_!@_@)($))@_. And ()@*)$#)@.
3. Q. Hi! I'm so fed up with Windows XP - it crashes on me and I get confused. I'm thinking about getting a MAC, but a MAC is so expensive and the MAC doesn't have any games. What do you think?
A. What am I, a *)(*)&&*&ing BANK? Why don't I just (@)(*#$()# write you a )(*(#)#&@( check, you cheap-ass )()_*##*@)*&#*)(. What the hell do you expect me to do about your ()*#^#(@)_*@# financial ()@($)(# problems? And about your games - see this? Play THIS game, you lame-()&# !!!!!*&(@&#(*@!!!!)@*@() and take your beige piece of *@#(&@# and shove it up @)!(@)(#***@*# and your grandmother's too.

by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2004-02-20 21:50:44

He's been dragged in, kicking and screaming, and edited this entry, so I suppose the answer is yes...

by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2008-03-09 21:39:49

The latest poor sucker fine, upstanding member dragged completely unawares into asked to help with the FAQ, entirely on the cat's recommendation.

Edit to add: JJ left us all on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005
See: »In memoriam.
»[MOJO] Need some more prayers
»Announcement: The JJ Memorial Fund

by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2007-10-04 18:42:13


And even more are listed in this thread

by JJ See Profile edited by tmpchaos See Profile
last modified: 2008-03-09 21:49:54

rjackson See Profile was very helpful and submitted many good articles. Unfortunately, in doing so he got too close to the FAQ's event horizon and now he's here forever.

by JJ See Profile
last modified: 2005-04-23 12:45:47

Yes! In fact, prwood See Profile has set up an ATM Baby Tracker just to keep track of them! If you'd like your new Mac users to be listed, just send him the info.

by prwood See Profile edited by rjackson See Profile
last modified: 2006-01-18 18:54:06