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1.1 Distributed Computing (aka Clubs)

If you use a Mac to crunch SETI, there's quite a bit of useful information available at the Team DSL Reports SETI Club forum.

Team members using Macs to crunch SETI now have access to expanded information on this site. Included are benchmarks for work unit times and many free Macintosh utilities. Members who have tried some of these utilities report substantial reductions in processing time. You can find a link to the utilities in the "SETI Help Pages"at the top of the forum. Look for "OPTIMIZING SETI@HOME PROCESSING ON MACS"or clicking here

Mac users are also included in the DSL Reports WU Averages that are located in the "SETI Help Pages."
A link to some global benchmarks for Macintosh work unit times can also be found in the "SETI Help Pages", or you can reach the benchmark page by clicking here.

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1) Download and unstuff the client software from GET SOFTWARE (For the regular client. For the beta (recommended), try this)
2) Using the Terminal application, navigate to the folder where you unstuffed the client by typing 'cd ' (with trailing space), then dragging the folder into the terminal window. Hit return.
3) Run the client by typing ./dnetc (the first time you run it) if you need to change any configuration items later on the enter ./dnetc -config (this will then tell you that you need to enter an ID. The ID it is looking for is your email account.)
4) To start setting the client up, go to option (1) General Client Options; you will be presented with a menu, you will need to enter a valid e-mail address again option (1). Then enter (0) to return to main menu.
5) To have the client only crunch RC5 data go to option (2) Buffer and Buffer Update Options. Then click on option (9) Load-work precedence. Under New Setting enter the following: RC5-72,OGR-P2=0 and then go back to main menu
6) Enter (0) to save your setting and exit. If you wish to install the client so that it starts crunching when you turn the comp on, type ./dnetc -install
7) Now start the client again with the command ./dnetc
8) It should retrieve data and start crunching.
9) The next day (seriously at least the next day) go to this site and search for the email address that you provided the client above Find My Stats
If there are results returned then click on the link at the bottom of the page that says 'please email me my password'.
10) look at your email and write down password (copy paste wont work) Save this e-mail
11 click on this link Join Team scroll down and click on the link 'I want to join this team'
12) Provide user ID (your email account) and password (you did write it down, didn't you?)

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A thread by johnnylundy: Double Click RC5

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Try Distributed.net KickStarter, available at VersionTracker.

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Yes. You can download a double-clickable app that takes care of running it for you (and one you can easily launch at Start-up), and it doesn't hurt processing times at all. Download it here: DNetCwrapper
You can see a screenshot of the app here: screenshot

Or (thanks to spaceMan7 See Profile) try Crunching Cows

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Yes, but only if you are running MacOS X. Stanford has provided a nice GUI app and screensaver: get it here.

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